Super Slim Wireless Chargers

Super Slim

Wireless Chargers

100% Unique - no pattern will be repeated. Handmade charging pad made of wood and resin with black painted aluminum body. Qi wireless charging up to 15W. 

A super slim wireless phone charger made of colored resin and wood.
A full body wireless phone charger made of dark blue resin and wood.
Circle wireless phone charger made of resin and wood, compatible with Magsafe.

Super Slim Wireless Chargers

Unique Artistry

In a world filled with mass-produced, repetitive designs, our Super Slim Wireless Chargers stand apart, exuding a one-of-a-kind charm that resonates with those who seek the extraordinary. Meticulously crafted and absolutely original, these chargers are more than just accessories; they are a testament to unique artistry and demanding functionality.

100% Original (ONE AND ONLY) - Every charger in this collection is uniquely fashioned, with each piece of wood and each combination of colors ensuring that no two chargers are alike. No pattern is ever repeated, bestowing upon each charger a unique identity, a soul of its own.

Slim Shape - the ultra-slim profile is more than just an aesthetic choice. It represents the elegance and minimalism of modern design. Effortlessly sleek and compact, these chargers seamlessly fit into any environment, whether it's your bustling office desk or serene bedside table.