It Is Said That Everything In Life Starts With A Dream.

It was no different with Discarve – two friends and one common desire to realize many, sometimes crazy ideas. The desire to create unique products that combine modernity with nature…

From Idea, Through Concepts, To Action...

If you act with passion – the possibility of realizing your dreams has no price. We had a few long conversations, exchanged experiences gathered in different parts of the world. All this resulted in a decision without unnecessary calculations.

We Will Create Unique Things, Emphasizing The Uniqueness Of Each Person

The most important thing turned out to be a common belief in the essence of expressing the uniqueness and individuality of a person also in the objects of their everyday use. After all, every person has their own “everyday life”, which remains unique.


We have managed to capture it.

Everyday Uniqueness?

At that point, neither of us thought that our dream would turn into what Discarve is today.

Each piece of wood, each combination of colors – will always remain unique, one of a kind; no pattern will be repeated.

Today we give you products in which you will find passion and something unique—created just and exclusively for you.

Your individuality and the possibility of expressing it in objects of everyday use give us the strength for further development.