Monitor Stands

Monitor Stands

Exquisite wooden monitor stands, available in walnut, oak, and black oak, designed to match any aesthetic preference. With options to accommodate one or two monitors and featuring sturdy metal legs in black or white, these stands are the perfect fusion of elegance and functionality for your desk.


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Monitor Stand ShortPlaywood + wood: WALNUT
Sale price€109,90

2 colors available

Monitor Stand ShortPlaywood + wood: OAK
Sale price€99,90

2 colors available

Monitor Stand LongPlaywood + wood: Walnut
Sale price€139,90

2 colors available

Monitor Stand LongPlaywood + wood: OAK
Sale price€129,90

2 colors available

Wooden Monitor Stands:

Elegant Solutions for Your Workspace

Our collection of wooden monitor stands brings a touch of sophistication and functionality to any workspace. Carefully crafted to meet the needs of diverse users, these stands are available in three exquisite types of wood: walnut, oak, and black oak. Their sleek design, coupled with sturdy metal legs in black or white, ensures both style and stability. Here's a detailed look at what makes our wooden monitor stands a must-have for professionals and design enthusiasts alike:

Choice of Three Woods: Personalize Your Workspace

Walnut: Renowned for its rich color and fine grain, our walnut stands add a warm, luxurious touch to your desk.

Oak : Known for its robustness and beautiful texture, oak stands symbolize timeless elegance.

Black Oak: For those seeking something bold and unique, our black oak stands provide a striking contrast and a contemporary flair.

Two Length Options: Single or Dual Monitor Support

70cm Length (for One Monitor): Perfectly sized to support a single monitor, this option helps in maximizing desk space while providing an ergonomic viewing angle.

105cm Length (for Two Monitors): Need a dual monitor riser? The 105cm length provides ample space for two monitors, making it a perfect choice for multitaskers and gaming enthusiasts.

Metal Legs in Two Colors: Stability Meets Style

Whether you prefer the classic elegance of black or the minimalist charm of white, our metal legs not only enhance the visual appeal but also provide a sturdy foundation.