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Today we give you products in which you will find passion and something unique - created just and exclusively for you.

Your individuality and the possibility of expressing it in objects of everyday use give us the strength for further development.

desk Accessories

A collection of desk accessories made of solid American walnut and oak wood.
Headphone Stand Oak, Headphone Holder
Headphone Stand Oak
Sale price€49,90
Square Wooden Wireless Charger Oak
Square Wooden Wireless Charger Oak
Sale price€49,90
Rectangle Organizer Pens Holder Oak
Rectangle Organizer Pens Holder Oak
Sale price€29,90

Resin & Wood Phone Cases

See dozens of unique designs and choose the most amazing one! Our cases are inspired by nature, and their incredible precision gives the wood unique colors, shapes and structures.

Wooden Phone cases

Quality and style expressed in every detail. Wooden case designed for a demanding client, being a perfect combination of a unique style and functionality.

Resin & Wood wireless chargers

A super slim wireless phone charger made of colored resin and wood.
A full body wireless phone charger made of dark blue resin and wood.
Circle wireless phone charger made of resin and wood, compatible with Magsafe.
Huge wooden wall map made of solid oak with English country names.


A unique product that gives you an individual character to any interior design. It is perfect for accentuating/distinguishing a selected living space, emphasizing its aesthetics and its most significant advantages – sure to catch guests’ attention.